Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life's Darkest Moments Part 2

More of those "you know this is going to be a bad day" moments from the pen of H. T. Webster.

These panels range in dates from the teens to the late 1940s. More can be found here.

From the book, THE BEST OF H. T. WEBSTER, published posthumously.

Copyright © 1953 Simon and Schuster


  1. These were fun to read and I enjoyed looking at the artwork.

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  3. I hurried a bit and made typos. I really hate that. I'll try again, sans mistakes . . .

    Jesus! Talk about unique! Some are nice and lighthearted, and some are completely, totally, ruin-your-day heartbreaking in a subtle, terrifyingly everyday way. Were these published as "humor"? Jesus! -- Mykal

  4. Sorry, Mykal, my name is Harry, not Jesus. Yuk-yuk. That aside, I think these panels were more slice-of-life than humor. (In this case the definition of humor being: "something awful that happens to someone else.") Webster did thousands of panels in his long career, and what I've seen fits into a folksy sort of early Twentieth Century culture, usually rural, usually some sort of foibles of growing up or life's ironies.

    If you put in a search for H.T. Webster on both Hairy Green Eyeball II or the original Hairy Green Eyeball blog you'll see more of these panels, including Webster's most famous work, the Timid Soul.

  5. Great stuff. Think Webby's drawing style had much influence on Shari Flenniken?

  6. Dave beat me to it I thought it was Flenniken's work and was waiting for Hairy Green Eyeball to confess

  7. pure gold - thanks for the illuminations


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